Planet Waves Foam Guitar Strap Shoulder Pad

Perri's Leathers Poly Pro Guitar Strap, Black/White Lightning Bolt, Adjustable Length 39” to 58”, Strong, Nylon, Leather, 2\" Wide

Perri’s Leathers AC/DC Polyester Guitar Strap, 2” inches Wide, Adjustable Length 39” to 58” inches, Black with White Lightning Bolt and AC/DC Logo

Perri's Leathers Leather Guitar Strap, Black, Adjustable Length 44.5\" to 53\", Comfortable, Strong, 2.5\" Wide

Planet Waves Joe Satriani Guitar Strap - Spaceman leather strap

LM Products PS-24ST Studded Guitar Strap, 3\" Wide

Perri's Leathers LPCP-1034 2\" Polyester Guitar Strap

Perri's Leather airbrush -blue lightning guitar

Perri's Leather screen print - butterfly

Perri's Tattoo Johnny, leather w/high res vinyl - monster skulls