Verbatim DVD-R 4.7GB 16x AZO Recordable Media Disc - 50 Disc Spindle

Maxell 638006 DVD-R 4.7 Gb Spindle with 2 Hour Recording Time and Superior Recording Layer Technology with 100 Year Archival Life

Verbatim DVD-R 4.7GB 16X White Inkjet Printable - 100pk Spindle, 100-Disc (95153)

Optical Quantum DVD-R 4.7GB 16X White Inkjet Printable Hub Printable - 100pk Cake Box (FFB)

PlexDisc DVD-R 4.7GB 16x Recordable Media Disc - 100 Disc Spindle (FFP) 632-815-BX

Verbatim DVD-R Life Series 4.7GB 16x, 100 Pack

PlexDisc 632-215-BX DVD-R 4.7GB 16X White Inkjet Printable Surface Hub Printable with 100pk Cake Box (FFB)

Verbatim 4.7GB up to 16x DataLifePlusWhite Inkjet PrintableHub Printable Recordable Disc DVD-R 50-Disc Spindle 95079

Windata DVD-R Discs 100 Pack 16x 4.7GB/120 Minute Blank Data Recordable Media - 100-Pack Shrink Wrap NO Spindle NO Cake Box Package

MediaPro Blank DVD - Professional Grade White Inkjet Hub Printable 4.7GB 16x DVD-R - 100 Pack (White)